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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Hearts

I tested out my two new blocks this afternoon.  My little heart turned out really well although I wish I'd left the bottom part shaded instead of complete carved out.  I might try to fix a few areas or possibly carve another version that is textured all over.  

I tested the maze print as well.  The most difficult thing about all of my maze prints is that they are hard to print cleanly.  I think I need some sort of actually press to put enough pressure on the block for the entire surface to leave a clean image.  

After testing the print, I drew a few rough sketches of some of the text ideas I'm planning to pair with the image.

Now I need to sit down and organize some of the themes and stories I want to use.  Right after I go for a lovely afternoon walk, of course.  I just love sunny autumn Sundays!

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