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Friday, January 1, 2010

100 Things

1. Create 'fingerprint' poem
2. Write a haiku
3. Learn an origami fold
4. Read one fiction book a month
        - The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles (January)
        - Girls Fall Down (February)
        - Brooklyn (March)
5. Organize art supplies
6. Make something from found paper
7. Write on the theme of the 'uncanny'
8. Start following a new blog
9. Start a new art course
10. Visit the AGO
11. Write 'CO' story
12. Draw a multi-coloured ink drawing
13. Post a print on etsy
14. Read a biography of an artist
15. Write a concrete poem
16. Re-read 'Meanwhile'
17. Learn to draw a new font
18. Complete a technology-themed still life drawing
19. Complete an acrylic painting
20. Design a repeating pattern
21. Brainstorm ideas for a graphic novel
22. Draw a simple graphic story
23. Research contemporary etching
24. Complete a drawing on scratch paper
25. Experiment with one large-scale linoblock print
26. Visit MOCCA
27. Brainstorm projects on the theme of heredity
28. Write a architecture-themed short story
29. Write a 3-D shape poem
30. Write an 'instruction' poem
31. Update mailing and contact lists
32. Send out a mailing
33. Combine photos with an ink drawing
34. Hold an arts night
35. Practice a new bookbinding method
36. Create a chapbook
37. Create an experimental book
38. Make a full roast dinner
39. Spend a day taking photos around the city
40. Write 'constellations' poem
41. Make ravioli from scratch
42. Finish a book you've half read
43. Begin an ideas journal
44. Experiment with embroidery
45. Enter a short story competition
46. Enter a poetry competition
47. Read more of 'Seven Page Day'
48. Memorize a poem
49. Make an angel food cake
50. Create fading linoblock prints
51. Reread 'The Medium is the Massage'
52. Start a new literary journal subscription
53. Make a stationary set
54. Brainstorm etching ideas
55. Make a blurb book
56. Read a short story collection
57. Go to the Toronto symphony
58. Improve the design of the blog
59. Write a stand-up routine with T
60. Buy a print for the apartment
61. Explore a part of the city you've never been to
62. Enlarge and frame a group of photos
63. Design better product shots
64. Look at bpNichol's work at the rare books library
65. Make handmade Christmas ornaments
66. Send a letter
67. Sketch outside in the city
68. Write a one act play
69. Organize wedding photos into an album
70. Have a picnic outside of the city
71. Watch 'Citizen Kane'
72. Read a book on the history of the motion picture
73. Research local printmaking
74. Study world geography
75. Make a handmade gift for a special occasion
        - H's Birthday Gift
        - Helen's Wedding Stamp
76. Watch an Audrey Hepburn movie
77. Make a paper cutting
78. Visit three new places on the D*S Toronto city guide
79. Work on anatomy-themed drawings
80. Write a series of number-based poems
81. Paint an accent wall in the bedroom
82. Go on a hike
83. Try a spin class
83. Buy a blues album
84. Learn the lyrics to the hymn from 'Junebug'
85. Reread Europe poems
86. Experiment with abstract painting
87. Learn to make a new cocktail
88. Write a science-themed short story
89. Read 'The Grapes of Wrath'
90. Listen to three episodes of 'This American Life'
91. Go to a poetry reading
92. Make Robin's lamb soup
93. Study perspective drawing
94. Send a postcard
95. Complete 'Nan' Poem
96. Make a Tin Can Lantern
97. Listen to live jazz
98. Sketch at the Toronto Metro Zoo
99. Make a donation to a local charity
100. Fully document my completion of the goals list


  1. Victoria - what great list. love #66 and #94 :)

  2. Thanks, Tanya! I'm definitely going to need some more letterpress cards in 2010. I've already gifted or sent 90% of the snap + tumble items I picked up at City of Craft!

  3. Love it! Make sure you save some of the list for when you visit NYC! I can teach you an orgami fold AND we can go listen to live jazz!!!

  4. If we make it to NYC in March, I'll be adding about 25 more goals to my list!

  5. I love the list!! Can't wait to read about your progress getting through it! Somehow, I knew #77 (or some derivative of it) would be there... and I thought of a few things that you might like:

    Kirigami patterns -

    Peter Callesen's portfolio -

    A fun paper-cutting blog -

    Let us all know which items are getting crossed off as you go... :D

    P.S. Happy New Year!!

  6. Grace, the links are amazing! Thank you so much for posting them.

    Peter Callesen's work just blows me away. So simple and haunting.