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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was planning on working on some writing to accompany last weekend's sketches tonight, but we ended up having our good friends over for dinner and after some of T's fabulous chicken pot pie and a glass of wine, I didn't really feel like focusing on poetry.  Instead, I opted to work on a more free-spirited goal: Number - 20. Design a repeating pattern.  I'm sure there's a much more technical way to approach this process in the world of graph design, but my plan was basically to meander into a pattern. 

I've mentioned my love of art deco before, but it wasn't until I took a look back through a bunch of my sketches that I noticed how much the style was influencing my work.  All of my favourites from tonight's drawing session were at least a little art deco-ish. 

This circular pattern gets my top vote at the moment.  I actually really like how it looks in this zoomed in shot were you can really see the pen marks.  

To really make good use of these patterns, I'll probably have to carve them into a lino block (or perhaps save them for my screen printing course).  I'm hoping to have a chance to expand on a few of them this weekend and create a full page pattern, but I'm also going to be preoccupied with the updated Toronto Guide that was posted on Design*Sponge yesterday!  Things to do, things to do...


  1. Dude - you are posting like a fiend these days - I'm digging it! I also dig the circles pattern, as well as the two little ones above it.

  2. looking good! i like the enlarged pattern (above the two smaller ones), it looks like starbursts.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I really like the grid one too. Now, I just need to make a better version of it!