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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still Here!

It's been quite a blogging drought, but I'm rallying tonight to post an update on some of the things I've been working on. Of my lack of May posts, all I can say is that work has been pretty intense lately and I haven't had the kind of energy I usually have for creative work (except when it comes to life drawing classes, but more on that below). Plus, the weather has been so incredible that I've been having trouble choosing indoor work over beaches/ice cream/patios/bbqs on the weekends. Considering we only get a few months of this weather, you can't really blame a girl for trying to get at least a little bit of a tan.

Despite job craziness and ridiculous amounts of sunshine, I've managed to cross a few more items of my goals list. Recently completed items include:

62. Enlarge and frame a group of photos - Photos printed, framed, and ready to be hung. Now, if only we hadn't let our friends borrow our hammer... (I promise to post some pictures once they're up)

92. Make Robin's Moroccan lamb soup - Completed this Sunday as the main course of a Moroccan-themed meal. The soup turned out really well, although I probably could have been a bit more generous with the spices. Lamb, tomatoes, chick peas, onions, a magical combination of spices. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of this one so you'll just have to trust me that it looked and tasted fabulous).

79. Work on anatomy-themed drawings - I went to another open life drawing session last Sunday. This one featured a single pose, so it was a good chance to work on my slower, more detailed pen work. The last drawing of the three is actually the first one I completed. Then, with half an hour left in the class, I moved around to draw the pose from different angles.

The model really was that skinny by the way (although my shadowing of her ribs might be a little dark).

I think I'm going to make the open drawing sessions a regular thing for the next couple of weeks. Even on week nights when I'm totally exhausted, I find the drawing sessions incredibly relaxing and almost meditative. I'm trying to stay on track with the list too. There are a few items involving outdoor activities that I've been saving for exactly the type of summer days we've been having lately in the city.

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