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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The newest volume of Descant arrived in the mail today and brightened up my very cold and dark journey home. I accidentally let my subscription to Descant run out last year and missed a bunch of issues before I finally got my act together and signed up again. I'm especially happy that I made it in time for the Dance-themed issue.

Descant has never failed to introduce me to memorable, insightful, troubling works and I'm hoping this issue lives up to its stunning cover.

I was planning to work on some sketching tonight, but this abundance of new reading material has me side-tracked. For some reason, I've had these little ideas for stark, black ink sketches (cartoons almost) in my head and even though I'm not particularly good that this kind of free form sketching, I feel like I should take a few minutes to try them out. Who knows, they may end up being the beginning of that graphic story I'm slated to write (22).

But before I head off, I must give a huge shout out to Grace for including the link to Peter Callesen's website in her comments. When I included making a paper cutting on my list I had no idea that this kind of work was out there. Thank you, Grace! His work is incredible and certainly features the near impossible level of technical precision that any good paper cutter should aspire to.

Paper cutter... that sounds so devious...


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed Callesen's work! I was so astounded when I saw his portfolio for the first time. No doubt you'll be able to replicate - or better - some of his stuff. Just beware of, you know, paper cuts.


    Looking forward to your next post, as always..!!

  2. Thanks, Grace! I don't think I'll be attempting anything nearly that ambitious. 2d for me... at least when it comes to paper cutting.