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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Buried Treasure

I was planning to make my own ravioli today (and scratch number 41 off my list) but a dinner invite changed our plans. So instead, I decided to tackle the considerably less sumptuous task of organizing my art supplies (5). I've blogged about the convenience of my art hutch before, but as I've gathered more and more printmaking supplies, convenience has slowly turned into jam-packed horror.

Clearly, my hutch needed a good reorganization.

I started by pulling every last notebook, drawing, lino carving, pencil, paper scrap, pen cap, and snip of twine from the hutch. Then I piled... good work... bad work... recyclable work... others' works... blank paper... blank cards...etc. And for a few hours I put a lock on my pack rat tendencies and threw stuff away. Not the most exciting process, but one that ultimately lead me to discover a few really cool things that I'd long forgotten.

Old sketches....

A repeating pattern that I created ages ago...

A quarter-finished scratch drawing...

Old notebooks filled with crazy ideas...

Then, with the help of a good basket...

and a good folder (thanks, Grace!)

my supplies were organized!

One down, ninety-nine to go.


  1. looks soo good and i am so jealous! i definitely need to do a major clean-up of my book shelf and desk from last semester, and get ready for this new one coming up.

    ps. home-made ravioli tip (stolen from B of course - use won ton wrappers to make the ravioli! we made a fantastic pumpkin ravioli with won ton wrappers!

  2. Thanks for the tip! Pumpkin ravioli sounds pretty interesting. Can you forward me the recipe?