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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Experiments - Round 1

I tackled some new Christmas print ideas today and ended up with a few cute images. Next weekend is going to be dedicated to baking gingerbread cookies (and ornaments) and setting up my Christmas tree, so I knew I needed to get down to business today.

I started out with nine images and ended up carving five. The snowflakes took forever to carve (and produced the most disappointing prints), so I've pretty much had it with them.

The tiny penguin and reindeer stamps ended up being the most fun to work with. The photos below are of the rough test prints, so please disregard the little marks and ink smudges.

Here's the best of the snowflake prints. I might try to work with these stamps again to see if I can make a more polished design, but for now they're officially banned from my printmaking activities.

There are some other print patterns too, although I didn't take pictures of them. I'm glad I finally have a range of stamps to work with so that I can present interested parties with a range of options for their Christmas cards.


  1. I'm personally a big fan of the reindeer, although I'm also digging the penguins and the upside down penguin made me laugh my arse off (technically this is from the post below, but since there are penguins here too, I'm including it).

  2. Thanks, Erin! The polished prints should look a lot better too. I was so tired from the carving that I got a little messy with the test prints.