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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Camera is AWOL

I was working on an adorable little baby penguin stamp tonight, but then discovered that T has taken our camera to work.

Therefore, instead of baby penguins, I'm posting a few of the photos that we're currently considering for a new living room art arrangement. I've been dreaming of creating a perfect square of nine 12 x 12 inch photos for a while now, but I think budget constraints might necessitate a six photo pattern in more a more traditional 8 x 10 size. Either way, I've got a bunch of black and white photos that I've taken over the last few years and I might as well do something productive with them.

Our question right now is should we go all modern city shots, all natural country shots, or a funky mix of the two. Thoughts?


  1. Those are some outstanding photos. I like them mixed together. They all have a strong vertical element that links them together. But each pattern is different, which I think makes the combination of pictures a lovely and interesting set.
    Whatever you choose, it's going to look flippin' amazing on your new walls!!!
    P.S. Tell T not to take your stuff. I can't wait to see the penguin!

  2. Thanks, Grace. I do think mixing them together might produce the best result. I've got a ton of other architectural prints, but how can I not frame that tree?

    I promise to post baby penguin pics asap!