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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sketches II

I had an art night with my friend Bethany on Friday and made some solid progress of the text component of one potential graphic story. I might have only produced fifteen lines of poetry during our lengthy creative session (far less creative output that Bethany's fabulous bead work!), but I'm really happy with what I've got so far. Plus, I got a few more sketches done.

I'm so glad for the art night because lately it seems that the universe has been telling me not to create. No drawing. No painting. No writing. No blogging. Big or small. Messy or perfect. I've been hitting roadblocks. And be it time or energy or whatever, it's been a little frustrating and more than a little unproductive. I won't give up on my list though, even if it means that, come December 31st, I'll be simultaneously folding origami swans, stuffing ravioli, watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, and sketching at the zoo.

One thing I shouldn't be doing on December 31st is finishing my second of twelve novels-to-read. This time, I opted for something a little closer to home - a novel set in Toronto called Girls Fall Down by Maggie Helwig. I didn't know much about the book before I picked it up other than it's partly about hysteria and it comes from the ever fabulous and bizarre Coach House Books.

I'm thinking I might skip the gym tomorrow to give myself a little more creative time in the evening, so hopefully this little artistic (and blogging) dry spell will come to an end. Hopefully.

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