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Monday, October 25, 2010


Still trying to find a little balance in the midst of a chaotic few weeks. Things should get a little better in November and December, so I'm planning to make a final push to tackle my key goals for 2010.

I've been looking over my 100 Things list tonight.  It's fun to see some of the strange and wonderful things I set out to do in January and at least a few projects are going to end up on my 2011 list (yes, I'll be doing it again!).  For the next two months, however, I'm most interested in completing the goals that best represent where I am creatively.  Therefore, I've narrowed my focus to this Top 10:

1. Create 'fingerprint' poem - I've completed 80% of the work for this project, but haven't gotten around to the final draft.  It's time to get r' done.

12. Draw a multi-coloured ink drawing - My original vision for this was to complete a black and white pen and ink drawing (possibly incorporating some red highlights).  I don't think I would have kept this one on the list if I hadn't of come across these two drawings on Thanksgiving weekend:

These sketches (done in '99! Such a good year!) reminded me exactly why I love working with black and white.  After eleven years, it's time to pick this style up again.  (In case you're wondering, the first one is of Cate Blanchett.  The second one may or may not have been Ricky Martin. Yikes.)

31. Update mailing and contact lists - This one seems simple, but I've just never gotten around to creating a master list.

32. Send out a mailing - The logical follow up to Number 31.

36. Create a chapbook - Any size and format (likely something 'mail-able'...)

40. Write 'constellations' poem - Also partly done... must finish and write on letterpressed cards.

46. Enter a poetry competition - I have the whole project conceived, I just need to work up the strength to write on my original drawings.

77. Make a paper cutting - I've never tried this, but I know I would love the process.

99. Make a donation to a local charity - Will definitely do before the 31st!

100. Fully document my completion of the goals list - Tally ho!

So there's my top 10 'must complete goals'.  Stay tuned.


  1. Those classic Victoria drawings are beautiful, but, need I say it... Ricky Martin?

  2. Hey! We were all livin' la vida loca back then.