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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello, Friends. It's been a while...

My apologies for the blogging drought, my dear readers. It's been a busy, busy few weeks full of many distractions. A new house was involved (our first!), work challenges came and went, serious discussions about cat ownership occurred (although I am sad to report that we will continue to remain a cat-free household for the foreseeable future).  And in the midst of all this, I didn't work on much of anything.  It was a nice break, to be honest.

Then April came around and when I realized that I hadn't posted for a month I started wondering about whether to sign things off altogether.  It's tough to think about ending something that you've put so much work into.  Blogs aren't like other projects.  When they stop being new, they just end up being sad dead ends.  I know I feel annoyed when I check out one of my favourite blogs and see that they haven't been updated in weeks, but short of officially signing off on this one, that's really what this blog has become.  Maybe it makes more sense to post projects through facebook?  I'm not sure...

Anyway, I'm still mid-debate about this and maintaining my 'wait and see' approach.  In the meantime, I'm still switching things up to try and fit in all I want to do.  T and I recently re-adopted our old habit of working out in the mornings (so, so early), which has been pretty good at getting me back to the gym on a regular schedule.

I've also started popping into more open drawing sessions.  Below are some images from Thursday night.  Other than that, I'm going to keep on going the way I've been going.  Hopefully, that will mean more posts soon.

1 minute

5 minutes
10 minutes

15 minutes


  1. I think you could make the case that if T gets a Tuscon, you should get a cat...(just don't try to put it in the Tuscon - experience tells me this is a bad idea...)

  2. Yes, that was actually the agreement (as witnessed by multiple other people). However, I'm reserving my right to get a cat. You never know when a 'cat card' might come in handy :)