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Saturday, January 1, 2011


T and I have been awake since 4:30 this morning after arriving home from India yesterday afternoon and sleeping straight through New Year's Eve.  This might not sound like the best way to ring in 2011, but I actually feel energized and incredibly optimistic. If I can't fight the jet lag, I might as well take advantage of these early morning hours.

After an incredible trip through Paris and New Delhi, replete with snow storms, crepes, art, shopping, sarees (two!), incredible eat-till-you're-bursting food, and unforgettable family celebrations, I feel mentally, spiritually, and creatively rejuvenated.  There have been so many moments in the last two weeks that I'd like to return to in some artistic way and this wealth of the experience has erased the fatigue I felt towards the end of the year.

Paris - I can't imagine living in a city with exteriors this consistently stunning.
As my infrequent posts suggest, I really struggled in the last half of 2010 to find time for creative work. So many other things, work in particular, but also friends, family, health, events, celebrations, etc., pulled me in other directions, and I found more often than not that I didn't have the energy to pursue the projects I'd conceived. I certainly wasn't unhappy living mostly in these other worlds.  I really enjoy my job, despite its day-to-day frustrations, and feel very blessed to earn a living doing something that suits me and challenges me. I love my family and friends and the multitude of celebrations and gatherings that T and I are a part of because of them.  I love running, even when I'm dragging myself to the gym in minus twenty degree weather, and feel that this physical outlet is as equally important to my mental health as any of the creative work that I do.

Notre Dame - Interior
So my goal for 2011 is not to cut out anything in my life that has prevented me from working on my creative work, it's just simply to try and find a better balance between all of the things I love to do. It's a simple resolution, but a tough one in practice.  My list of ideas keeps growing, but the days stay the same length.  And at the same time that I'm challenging myself to find more time for creative work, I've also taken on a brand new position at work that will be big change for me (which I interviewed for and received while on vacation!) and committed to a more consistent running schedule (those amazing Indian carbs aren't going to vanish on their own accord!).  All kinds of great, exciting, challenging things coming into the mix at the same time.  How do I balance them?

Painted Trucks - One of my favourite sights in India.
To be honest, I'm no really sure. There have been a few moments during the last couple of months when I considered ending this blog so that I wouldn't feel stressed over how few posts I've been able to put up.  However, I love this outlet so much and it's been the best method I've ever had to receive feedback about my creative work. So I'm going to carry on at the best rate can manage.  

My two new sarees
As for my 100 Things list, it will still exist and continue to guide my creative endeavours. However, a new, more basic goal is going to be my 2011 mantra: Create Every Day.  Simple, fundamental, and exactly how I'd like to live my life. I'm not going to worry too much about quantifying what constitutes a creation, I'm just going to follow it in whatever way I can each day (and, of course, try to post as many creations as possible).

Dressing like a princess - Definitely not overrated.
So, as we begin 2011, thank you very much for following my adventures in this little blog world. I value each reader and each comment more than I could ever express!

Happy New Year!


  1. Slow Horn - it sounds like it could be a great name for a 1970s rock band...

    ...looking forward to more of your creative adventures in 2011.

  2. Thank goodness you've decided to keep the blog - you have no idea how much you inspire your followers (... like me!) to inject a little arts-and-craftiness into their everyday lives :)
    Looking forward to your 2011 posts! Happy new year to you + T... and welcome back!


    P.S. That saree looks drop dead gorgeous on you!

  3. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, ladies! I'm so glad you enjoy the posts!

  4. Happy New Year, V!!! Glad your trip was such a success! Can't wait to see you and work on your 'creating' goal - and hearing all about that new position you mentioned!
    Much love to you and T.


  5. Thanks B! I just moved to the media team (Jen P's former role, for reference). I'm in Phoenix right now and SO wish you were here.

    We'll have to have an arts night soon and I'll give you all of the details!