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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I draw on the amazing work of so many other bloggers for inspiration, so it's awesome hear positive feedback about a post that I've written and how it has inspired others.  My sister-in-law recently re-started her blog A Space Aditi (best blog name ever) and tackled her own post on achieving better balance in 2011.  She's training for some serious marathon goals, so her to do list looks a lot different than mine.  However, at the end of the day, I think we're both looking for a similar type of work/life/exercise/pumpkin-scone equilibrium.

Of course, a propos of running, I decided to sketch my own running shoe tonight.  I had a pretty good run today, so I'm feeling fairly positive towards the little beast.

I'm again trying to practice keeping things fast and loose while sketching even though my brain can't stand messed up proportions. I really wish I could figure out why I love other people's rough and messy illustrations, but don't like my own. I'm also hoping to make it to another open drawing session this week, so I'll have some more quick drawing practice then.  

And now I'm going to put away my smelly shoe and go to bed.


  1. maybe its just because ive been in india for a month but the thought of keeping things "fast and loose" is utterly unappealing at the moment.

  2. Fast and loose is about a 3.5 on our scale I believe. Looks like you're having a blast though!