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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good Start

Things have gotten off to a pretty good start.  I've been working at getting my job into good shape with a serious 'To Do' list.  I'll be transitioning projects this week and prepping for a totally new role starting next week, which means a ton of work but also a sudden incredible feeling of relief to be taking on something completely different.  I just hope I'm good at it!

I've been getting my minimum four runs a week in (with assists from select Bollywood dance tracks and Bruno Mars - love it!). I also justified the purchase of a new pair of lululemon pants, because new running pants obviously translate directly into more and faster running.

Most importantly, I've been putting together work to send out to literary journals and the like.  My new writing mantra is get it out there, so I've been rounding up everything that's at the 99% ready stage and forcing myself to kick it out the door (and into a mail box, of course).  I've been thinking about randomly mailing out writing to anyone who might be interested in receiving poetry, short stories, etc. through the mail.  Is that too bizarre?   I don't think my great literary hero bpNichol would say so.  He once did something similar back in the day and his surprise creations must have been absolutely wild to receive.  I'm not even sure if he charged anything for it (he, being a professional writer, probably could have); I certainly won't.

I've also been brainstorming new ideas whenever I get the chance. I'm feeling a bit anchorless without my 2010 list, so I might end up creating a smaller, up-to-date version to spell out my goals. I've included a few recent sketches above (and my new Eiffel Tower notebook, which I didn't draw).  I should have something more concrete to post tomorrow.


  1. Yay new lulu lemon pants! i cant wait to get back to the states and finally start using my lovely new ones as actual running pants and not tights to keep me warm at night.

    I think the 2011 list is a great idea - even it is smaller, it will hopefully keep you on track with your goals! I might even have to take that idea and create one with running goals :)

  2. Yes! I'm a huge champion of lists. It's the only way I get anything done!