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Monday, September 7, 2009

Wine, BBQ, Poppies, Sea Horses...

Okay, so sipping wine and visiting friends may have won over much more of my long weekend than I anticipated. But with weather like this, I have no regrets!

After spending most of Saturday and Sunday eating great food, reading, walking along Queen West, and visiting with friends, I finally sat down today and got to work on not one, but four new stamps.

After focusing on some fairly specific technology-themed designs, I wanted to work on a series of simple images that lend themselves to more versatile card sets. Having unique stamps is great, but it's not so fun when I'm rooting around for a thank you card and find that my options consist of outdated computer discs, ampersands, and the Pi symbol. Sometimes a gal just needs a flower print (and the rose print needs a break).

I didn't want to miss out the sunshine, so I set up shop on our balcony.

The images I drew were pretty ornate, so I ended up only having time to carve two. I'll tackle the other ones tomorrow and then have a big testing marathon.

With four new stamps on the go, I'm thinking at least one has to turn out. The poppy one is a bit of a question mark, but the sea horse stamp looks much more promising. Plus, my sister already requested a sea horse print for her bathroom. Definitely a good sign!


  1. Can't wait to see those babies on cardstock (or other) - and I'm dying to see the key, as well!

  2. Thanks, Grace! I'm hoping to get some cards done soon... if only I could stop being such a slacker and watching Mad Men instead!