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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Test Prints

I tested the maze print tonight. I'm still experimenting with getting the right amount of ink on the roller, but I did manage to get one good print out of seven.

I would really like to test this stamp using oil-based ink because I think I would get a cleaner print. However, oil-based inks are messy and definitely not a Tuesday night experiment.

P.S. Check out the awesome bumper sticker my buddy Robin slipped through my mail slot yesterday. Reunite Gondwanaland. Hilarious!


  1. the test prints look great. that one "good one" especially!

  2. looks fantastic! i might have to request a print to frame for my apartment!

  3. Thanks, Ladies!

    A-Diddy - That can definitely be arranged!

  4. What happened to the super-cute heart at the centre of the sketch for this one?

  5. Sorry, Bethany! I ended up leaving it blank so that I could include different images at the centre (although the space isn't as big as I imagined it would be). I actually drew a red path through one of my test prints and put a heart at the centre - really cute! I just forgot to post the picture.

  6. Ohhh you should post a picture of the print with the red path/heart in the center! I am sure it looks awesome! Very Valentines Day appropriate :)