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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Alter or Not To Alter...

Lately, I've been feeling the urge to make a few modifications to my 100 goals list and this has lead to a bit of an artistic crisis. I originally conceived of the list as a written-in-stone kind of thing, meaning I couldn't change or delete any goals - no exceptions!

However, in my rush to finish the list for January 1st, I fear I might have added a few goals that are, well, a bit silly. For instance, do I really need to learn to make a new cocktail (87)? I certainly enjoy a good glass of wine, but I seriously doubt that I need to know how to make a Tom Collins in order to expand my artistic horizons. Also, do I really need to make a pop-up book (96)? A POP-UP book? What was I thinking? Ditto for making a blurb book (55). I've already included a bunch of hand-made and graphic novel focused goals, so do I really need to make an online, templated photo book?

In addition to these problem goals, I've also started working on some new project ideas that aren't on the list (my lino cuts from last weekend, for instance), and I find myself wanting to replace some of my sillier goals with better projects.

I realize that no one is actually holding me to this list except myself (and you, dear readers, should you choose to reprimand me via the comments section), so technically I can change whatever I want. But I'm still torn about modifying the list too much and not holding myself to many projects that I do want to push myself to accomplish.

Maybe I should give myself a 10% leeway on the list - I can change 10 goals over the course of the year provided that I replace the existing goal with an equally challenging and worthy replacement.

A fair compromise?


  1. I don't know V, a pop-up book would be really really cool....

  2. Okay, well maybe I'll make a special one just for you... on a 'Lost' theme perhaps :)