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Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh, Summer...

I had a great time outside the city this weekend. T made a chocolate stout cake that was easily over 2500 calories per square inch (i.e. heaven) and I did, well, not a whole lot. Just a lovely, relaxing weekend.

I'm not getting too off track with the stamping though. In fact, I have a very tight deadline (tomorrow) for a graduation themed stamp because I promised my mother I would have one ready for Wednesday when my sister graduates from LAW SCHOOL! So, I should have another stamp for my collection by this time tomorrow.

Pretty soon I'm going to need a bigger box!


  1. The chocolate stout cake sounds amazing! I might have to get the recipe. B and I made a strawberry chifon cake for my co-workers birthday that ended up being super delicious as well!

    PS. The box looks familiar :)

  2. Oh, the Anokhi museum! I really do have to go back there and make some more scarves.