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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Open for Business!

After some serious re-working of my banners and marketing copy, I am so happy to finally announce the official opening of my etsy shop!


It's a great feeling to see my cards listed and out in the world for people to purchase. Of course, I've still got some serious creating, marketing, and business planning to do. On top of adding new products to the shop (a must if I want to stay visible in the etsy search pages) I've also set a new goal of participating in a craft fair this year. I will need to build my inventory and range before seriously applying for one of the big Toronto shows. I would love to show at City of Craft in December, especially since this is the show that introduced me to so many amazing Toronto artists. It's a competitive arena, however, so I'll have to put together a stellar application before August 31st. (Including my first Christmas-themed cards! That's right, it's not even July yet and I'm already dreaming of snowflakes!)

I hope you visit the shop if you have a chance. I would love to hear feedback about the presentation and write-up of the cards.

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  1. The shop looks super! I like the write-ups - a little bit cheeky and coy.