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Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Heart Skips...

The one upside to this decidedly rainy, cool, and generally unpleasant summer has been that it's not hard to stay indoors and work on art projects. Since today was one big thunderstorm after another, I ended up getting quite a few little stamping projects done. I've been thinking about smaller stamps lately and have made a little list of images that would work as multiple, repeating patterns on a card. Today I carved an ant stamp on a whim and the resulting prints are very cute (although, possibly also a bit creepy). Of course, I just realized that I forgot to take pictures of the prints, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Here's the stamp:

I also carved one of two planned baby footprints for possible baby-themed cards:

However, the best prints of the day were my new heart monitor prints. The stamp is such a simple image, but the result is so sharp and interesting. I've got a bunch of fun lines for potential cards as well, but for now I'm just enjoying the look of the cards as is.

Hopefully, I'll find some time to do more stamping this week. I've been finding it tough to find the energy for my printing projects in the evenings lately, but I also want to work steadily on my card line and the weekends tend to fill up pretty quick.


  1. I love the heart monitor stamp! It looks awesome!

  2. Ohhh I really like the Ant stamp! I can't wait to see the prints!

  3. Thanks guys! The prints are posted now. I'm thinking that the ant stamp will be perfect for a picnic invitation!