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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ants: Creepy or Cute?

As promised, here are the prints that I neglected to take pictures of yesterday.

The baby footprint:

The line of people waiting:

The ants: I think the ant stamp might have been better if I'd made it a little smaller (it's about an inch long), so I might have to try that one again.

Regardless, I've got a bunch of new stamps to play with and some fun, quirky card copy to write. I'm thinking I'll have to dream up a new valentine for T next, especially after coming home to a lovely balcony dinner and these:


  1. I really really like the line of people and I love the ants! Very unique. The baby foot is also super cute, but I am not sure if that one is my favorite. In terms of the baby motiff, I personally like the carriage you did! BUT that being said, it would be really cute to get a card for a baby shower, with a little baby footprint on it.

  2. Thanks! I'm thinking that the baby footprint might look better in light pink or blue - the black print is a bit too severe.