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Friday, July 24, 2009

Craft Afternoon!

After nearly a week of limited artistic output, I embraced the weekend with a full afternoon of carving with my friend, co-worker, and fellow crafter-by-night, Bethany. (We have the good fortune to work at a company with summer hours, so sunny Friday afternoons are especially lovely.)

Having another crafter nearby was the perfect tonic to my carving slump. Not only did we get to spend the afternoon discussing our various projects, techniques, ideas, and inspirations (Bethany is a bead artist and was working on what I might tentatively label a 'talisman'), but I also carved two new successful stamps.

The first is a simple image that I've had on my brainstorming list for a while: a heart monitor line. The stamp was easy to carve and the test prints look amazing, but I'm going to hold off posting the print until I produce some better cards tomorrow.

A special thanks needs to go out to Bethany for helping me avoid a near catastrophe.

Me: Do you think I should carve just one beat and then leave the line straight?
Bethany: Meaning... death?
Me: Oh, right... good point.

The second stamp is a small line of people that I drew in very simple silhouettes. On closer inspection, I realized that there are some serious consistency issues with the size of the figures, but I think it will make a fun print for the bottom of a card with a really witty saying.

Of course, now I have to think of a witty saying, which is no easy task considering how many other things are on my To Do List this weekend. Potential projects include snowflakes, bookmarks, and one amazing idea for a 'congrats on your new home' card involving a Victorian home, a ghost, and a killer catch line from Bethany. All in all, a very productive start to what will hopefully be a very crafty weekend.

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