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Monday, August 10, 2009

Things to do, things to do...

I’ve been a little delinquent lately when it comes to stamping, which is surprising considering how many ideas I have dancing around in my notebook. In part, I’ve been hesitant to stay indoors for the few precious final weeks of summer (how can it be August?!) and in part I’ve been pondering some new projects for Sonnet & Mayhem (but have yet to set any ink to paper).

To break myself out of my little printing rut, I’ve decided to post my ‘To Do’ list in the hopes that having a few extra eyes on my progress might be the little jump I need to pick up my crafting projects in the evenings.

To Do List:

1. Complete 3 new small (repeating stamps) – technology themed
2. Create a minimum of 8 new prints (properly measured … no eyeballing it!)
3. Print 3 new cards using repeating stamps
4. List at least one new card on etsy
5. Take pictures of all of the above and post about progress regularly
6. Plan a giveaway
7. Complete and submit my City of Craft proposal

Deadline: Sunday, August 16th

Okay, so there it is. Plan. Create. Post. Simple, right?

I’m holding myself accountable and you can too!

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