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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Technology Beware!

So, when I jokingly mentioned how often I drop my camera in an earlier blog post ... that wasn't hyperbole. I literally drop my camera all the time. This is because I am:

a) horrendously clumsy
b) always 'rushing around too much' (T's entry)
c) derive some secret pleasure from destroying lovely, expensive birthday gifts

I did manage to take a few pictures of last night's stamping activities before my little casio took a four foot dive off of the kitchen table. The bad news is that unless the 'camera stabilizer' magically heals itself (and I have a huge amount of faith that it will), I may be in a bit of a pickle until my next birthday rolls around in November.

Ironically, the camera went down just as my latest homage to technology - this little 3.5 inch disc stamp - was beginning to look positively dynamite!

The test stamps turned out well and the square image made it really easy to create a simple pattern.

After printing this pattern, I used some of my lovely white cardstock to make a card featuring six disc images in a much more polished 2 x 3 pattern. The result was equal amounts geeky, hipster, and weird - a near perfect combination. Unfortunately, digital evidence of this breakthrough will have to be put on hold until I become proficient in advanced electronics repair.

Also off the 'To Do' list tonight: a draft of my City of Craft application. I want to get a few more good cards and prints completed before formally making my case for a 4 x 3 foot table space at my favourite craft event, but it's good to have the main descriptions and ideas down on paper.


  1. I LOVE the new stamp! I might have to make a special request for this one. It is truly awesome!

  2. Thanks, A! I really wish I could post a picture of the card because it's a much better example of the print. Unfortunately, it looks like my camera will not be recovering.

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  4. Sorry, the above non-comment was a test... just fixing the & problem!