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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yet Another Reason to Love Design*Sponge

Design*Sponge has long had a leading spot in my daily blog rounds. The constant stream of incredible design and creative ideas never fails to inspire me. However, today my love for the blog grew x10 when I saw this beautiful post by D*S editor Amy Merrick (also behind An Apple a Day).

I love Little Women and the 1994 movie holds an extra special place in my heart because watching it was one of the last things my roommates and I would do every year before heading off for Christmas holidays. So, when I saw Amy's point-by-point design guide to some of the film's best scenes, it not only reminded me how stunning the film is, but also how much I love the dark wood, quill pens, and brass work of the era.

Reading the post also stirred up memories of the fiery debates I used to have with my roommate Emily about which of the film's two leading men were worthy of our love. Em was firmly in the Laurie camp, but my heart always belonged to Friedrich Bhaer. Quiet, mysterious, passionate Friedrich - How could you choose whiny Laurie over a worldly, brilliant professor? That final scene in the rain after Friedrich brings Jo her manuscript... pure magic! No wonder I ended up in publishing.

Any other Friedrich fans out there?


  1. Cannot understand how you could ever choose Friedrich over Laurie. Young, attractive, spontaneous Laurie...

  2. Yes, and nothing is more attractive than scowling sulkiness... Laurie is such a baby! You've got to do a lot more than leave a pear in a mailbox to win my heart!

  3. Friedrich is perfect, the kind of men you can sit with to read and talk, a bit funny and silly but serious and really smart.
    I support your idea of Laurie is such a baby compared to the professor.