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Monday, October 12, 2009

'Tis The Season

After an amazing, restful weekend with my family, I finally got back to some printmaking this afternoon. Today I turned my focus to something a little more practical - Christmas cards! It feels a little early to be breaking out candy cane themes, but I don't want to be rushing to make the cards in November either. Plus, now that word about my card making has spread a bit, I'm starting to get Christmas card inquiries. Hooray!

I have a few Christmas-y text phrases that I might try, but today I focused on simple, classic images. First up:

The Christmas Wreath

I tested the print in green and was pretty happy with the way the detail of the branches turned out. However, the little holly berries and pine cones aren't very visible among the branches.

I thought I would try using two colours of ink to make the berries and bow stand out, but the test print was a complete disaster. By the time I applied the red ink the green ink was half dry and didn't even show up in some places. The red ink placement also looked far too messy.

I need to make a few more tests to get the ink consistency right for this print, but I'm going to wait until I have a little more time and energy. I'm also debating whether it might be better to completely carve out the bow (except for the outline) and berries so that they're more visible. This would give me the option of painting in the red by hand. To tinker or not to tinker... that, dear readers, is the question.

I also drew a stocking stamp that I have high hopes for, but I haven't carved it yet.

Oh, and as a quick follow up to my earlier pen and ink post, I snapped a picture of my first angry elf drawing today before leaving my parent's house. This is the bizarre image that started my love affair with pen and ink.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of food and merriment. I certainly ate enough pie and rocky road squares to last me until late December!


  1. The wreath is so beautiful. I actually love it just with the single colour. I can't wait to get an array of your Christmas themed cards!

    Also, think of how much better the rocky road bars will be next time when I don't overcook them.

  2. Thanks, TJ! I'm hoping to finished the stocking print tonight.

    Painting is back on, by they way... You know, in case you're free this weekend :)