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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Artistic Intentions

Tonight was one of those amazing nights when I planned to do a bunch of practical, productive things, but ended up attending an art show opening, drinking red wine, and sharing stories with two great friends (one of whom I hadn't seen in over five years!).

The art show opening was the launch of a new kozyndan project called The Unknown Portraits: A Collection of Imagined Personae.

The book - a vivid collection of found photos that have been redrawn and transformed in all kinds of fabulous and vaguely disturbing ways - is incredible. Getting to see the actual framed drawings at the show was even more amazing, especially since most of them are only a few inches in size.

The husband and wife team that make up kozyndan (Dan and Kozue Kitchens) were both at the show and because a simple signature just wouldn't suffice for such an amazing collection, Kozue was drawing a quick portrait of each attendee on the spot.

The show was incredibly inspiring (and has me itching to do some more pencil drawing even though I've been trying to commit to pen and ink). Even better was getting to catch up with the girls, hear about their adventures, and laugh about the morning nearly a decade ago (wow!) when we met each other in our first undergraduate music class. Good times.


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  2. Thanks, A! I can always use more help in that department!